09 January 2014

the creating of a logo = i love this so much

original pen and ink illustration

pen and ink illustration of laurel wreath and flower

final logo = full of layers, illustrations, favorite colors   
I love creating logos. Truly they might be some of the best things I love designing. Adore these babies. Interesting that when it comes to creating a logo for little ole me = it proves to be most challenging.

So in this New Year of 2014 I have decided to face every fear and slay it down. I love love love the child like nature of me = I am embracing this finally. Hence, this little logo that feels happy, full of hope and joy.

My wish is that I can fill the space in my world with love, joy, unconditional glee.

This tiny little simple logo is my fresh start greeting 2014. Snappy happy me. Grateful to the moon and back to be living this life of mine.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my friend . . . I ADORE it!! so excited to continue watching your journey - it gives me such inspiration! hugs!