13 January 2014

facing fears = knocking them down one by one = staying steady

mixed media collage designed by me framed in vintage (of course)

graphics created by me, quote by me. unframed.

mixed media painting collage all by me. unframed.

daisy darling pen and ink, watercolor by me. unframed.

pen and ink illustration, watercolor by me. unframed.

pen and ink, watercolor illustration by me. unframed.

mixed media illustration artwork by me. unframed.
Crazy goofy me. I have always been a graphic designer (really like forever) and illustrator. I learned many zillions of years ago after a friend told me this = if it comes easy to you it is a gift, use it, do it.
I was already a graphic designer, illustrator, artist at the time. I never charged extra for illustration.
I always thought that if it came easy to me it was worthless. After this conversation I hired an illustration rep.

So for the past thirty years or so I have made a living (gratefully) creating for clients. I really never found the confidence to create just for me and put it out there in this great big world. Crazy as that sounds it is very true.

So after many years of nurturing this thought of creating for me and sharing with the world = I begin. Yes, I begin again. I am creating. I am listing my art on Etsy. I am telling others that it is out there to be found by like souls. I am still trembling inside praying that the folks who receive my art will like it in person.

I so look forward to the day when the anxiety leaves me and I know this = Kelli your art is good, it helps others feel good, it is okay to put it all out there.

Thanking you for sharing my journey. You are greatly adored.

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  1. Love your bravery, still trying to find mine. You dear girl inspire me!