08 August 2013

giving = fills me up with energy and light

lots of special details all coming together to create something special

vintage beads, glass, stones, color all combined with love

little vintage hand sewn bags with tags, feathers, beads, stitches

15 necklaces to give = grateful i am 
I love giving. I love giving so very much. I love the art of making, layering, building and each tiny detail that makes packages extra special. Feeling the love of giving makes me whole and feel very connected to tiny graces in the world.

These are some treats I created to give my new friends I was going to meet at Esalen in Big Sur. Knowing that I had never met any of these women (in person) left me wanting to give something from my heart that would travel home with them. Nothing better then giving of ourselves.

They were well received by these new friends of mine. I know for sure they know they are cherished and so welcome in my world.

Beloved. Giving. Grateful. I am.


  1. Amazing! I know I have said this before, but you taught me how to package....and how to give from the very bottom of my heart...

    1. You darlin' create the most heartfelt talent filled wonderful packages. Honored just giddy to call you my friend. Merci' for giving from the bottom of your gorgeous heart.

  2. I treasure Kellie's gifts, nothing is a throw way....all straight from her heart!!!!

    1. I would love to know who this is? Can you please share. I do thank you for your kind words. Shine.

  3. You are on a roll girl!
    Looks like your changes have been really good for you !
    Love your blog-want more-more-more !

  4. grateful for you beyond words.