03 August 2013

really seeing the beauty in everyday = i do

feathers, bones, textures

loving the cool touch of a stone, crystal, shell

nature provides the most beautiful art

vintage woven = pure magic

shells = i can never have enough

a beautiful alter built by a sweet talented friend

I have been thinking about how much beauty surrounds me daily. Simply in the world for us to see, explore and then see again with new eyes daily. I have always been attracted to the shapes, textures, layers of things. I love the idea of having one precious piece of nature that will never happen again.

I have recently learned that others in the world of design create alters around their spaces. I love knowing that while I am busy building my shrines and alters others are finding joy in similar passions. The knowing of not being alone is quite the wake up for me. I am grateful for this lesson again in my life.

I am going to start a new project tomorrow = collecting one beauty in nature each day and adding it to an alter of sorts (maybe, they will become art pieces) or not. I plan to take a photo and keep track of my daily finds. I know I will learn so much from this and end up with an amazing something.

Tracking beauty = not easy to do but, so worth the efforts.

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  1. Kelli....love...you must read gift from the sea....

    The biggest of hugs.....Colleen