18 November 2014

Pearl Button's Holiday Happiness Line of Cards = People are gushing!!!

our world believe all things are possible.

Pearl Button's Holiday Happiness Cards line of 6 designs is ready and gushing to bring cheer to all
this holiday season. I created six cards that are all about love, sharing, being the source of happy for others.
Lots of time was spent getting samples printed and making sure I loved the paper quality and brightness of all my colors. Yes, I have that now. All is good and so far the folks who have purchased are most delighted with them. For this I am grateful.
I have always loved cards and mailing letters the old fashioned way. I know that it will forever be part of who I am. I know the joy that comes with going to the mail box and having a little treat inside that someone took the time to send - just for you.
Kindness matters. Love matters. Giving from our true self matters. Leaving a moment in time better then we can ever imagine matters.

This card line is one of my dreams it too matters. I know that when others receive these they will smile and feel joy. I am striving daily to make this happen in a big way.


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