17 September 2011

meeting talents i have admired for so long - today!


Today was a rare day that felt like i took a vacation to dreamland. I have not been traveling much the past few years (which I miss more than I have words). Traveling fills my soul, gives me energy and passion for being who I am. Well, I have been following a few talented artists over the past year and today I was lucky enough to meet two of them. WOW!!!

Dottie Angel - Tif Fussell and Janine Vangool publisher, editor, designer of Uppercase Publishing.

I am reminded that being an artist is something to share with other people of like minds. I am personally not the best at putting myself out in the world. The meeting of these two talented souls made me feel stronger and connected to a land of creative not all get to feel. I am so lucky that I can live my life as an artist designer. I am not always the richest with money but, certainly the layers and textures of moments that fill my life are priceless. I cannot imagine a nicer way to spend time surrounded by artists living their dreams full out!

Thank you Tif and Janine for being all that you are. So very real, talented, humble and kind.

Thanks to my hubby for getting me out the door to show up and grow inside just a little bit more today.

Dottie Angel's new book is a must get. You can link to her new book at either link above.

Today I am grateful for the gift of knowing how to feed my soul. 
Really just giddy about meeting you both. 


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