23 September 2011

one day without ~ natties shrine glowing bright

So I am a shrine kind of gal. I adore shrines. I always create them. This one today is for Nattie.
Her picture so happy and well sitting on the french daybed (delighted). I love this picture.

I have saved little tufts of her bunny fur for years and tied a thread around the center of it, like a little bow. They are now in a wire nest sitting snuggly for me to see. I will have these forever.

I know Nattie is at peace. I am grateful for this. I just miss her.

For tonight we miss you girl. I hope that you are running through the meadows and leaping around.

1 comment:

  1. I sure miss you too Nattie!! I know you are having fun and telling stories about us to your other friends we miss so too.