11 October 2011

a no list day for me

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I think sometimes when we start our days, it is the list that becomes us. We turn into the list people. I am going to try for one day the 12th to not look at my list so much and just create. This will prove to be terribly hard for me I am sure. A good lesson. I will most likely feel scattered like I am forgetting something. Fun for one day, I hope.

I have mountains of work to do and lists that match perfectly. That list will be on my desk the next day too. I am going to just create. No answering the phones, yes, I will take my girls (dogs) out and pay very loving attention to them but, other then that just create.

I will let you know how this goes. I think I am needing a little writing about style too. I will get on that. Smiles.


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