10 October 2011

a shared lovely life

thanks to Amy Wagner for taking this picture of us.

today i am going to gush a bit. no worries tomorrow i will be back to my design obsessed self. 
i am feeling very grateful that i share my life with my hubby. the term "gets me" is overused but, really perfect for us. he does understand what makes me the artist i am. i think i am a rare blend of crazy artist meets very practical (at times).

i have a few goals for myself this year (better hurry up i know). i am actually giving myself until July, which will be my birthday. so my goals need to be met by July not Jan. Whew.

 anyway, i am working long long hours in my studio with one goal in mind. we will see. 
just putting the energy out into blog world.

no i will not share my goals just yet. they still seem like secrets in my soul and much to fragile
to put out there. just good energy i wish for from my blog friends, those i know are following me and those who read and have not signed on to follow. grateful for all of you.

thanks hubby for supporting me with my goals. you inspire, adore me, and make my life so very full.
oh and i adore you so very much.

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