07 October 2011

french beauty oh how i adore

The company label on a linen document file…
“Jean François invents ten designs a day…
he was born on embroidered things.”

today seems the perfect day to write about beauty. the weather outside my window is amazing. the wind is perfect. i look around my studio and home and i see all sorts of embellished beauty. i have always been detail oriented. i love tiny things that make up a whole. i find that in the details are the secrets of my expression and art.

these ribbons are so so rich and i cannot imagine the time spent in creating them. i have lots of vintage ribbons, some just tiny bits. all of them have stories. i can remember where they were purchased, how much they cost, how long i have had them. yes, i am crazy about vintage textiles.

i know one day i will travel to France. until then i learn, dream and explore all the artistic souls that are French.


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