23 August 2014

Dream big then dream even bigger. Knowing that trying is everything!

shrine built surrounding my big dream of making top 50.

i love this book and this woman Lilla Rogers.

shrine. lilla rogers book, journal, painting, sacred heart, sacred feather for flying bigger and braver.

Lilla Rogers 2014 Global Talent Search
Dreaming big then dreaming even bigger. This year is all about growing from the inside out for me. Creating vision boards of dreams. I have moved away from tons of paying work to focus on me and my art and getting it out into this big world. Sure money is tight but, the knowing the climb and the mountain moving is surrounded by all of my energy = feels amazing, feels right, feels true, feels like the me that has been waiting to be. For this I am the most grateful girl ever.

I entered this contest created by the most talented Lilla Rogers and her team of brilliant folks. I have been a fan of Lilla's since living in Dallas Texas over 20 years ago. I respect her philosophy on life and talents. I believe in her thinking (very similar to mine) I covet her putting it out there in this world.  I know that I will meet her one day in person and thank her for the gifts she brings to all artists.

For today I will continue to create, create, create and send it out into the world the only way I know how. Pour myself into the truth I know, create so much daily that it fuels passion in new ways, keep learning and discovering and being brave. Push fears and anxieties out of my path. Believe and know that my voice and art are meant to be heard. I am here to inspire, nurture, give love and be gracious to others and myself.

I say thank you to Lilla Rogers. I say thank you to my husband who embraces my year of making art and designing for me.  Gratefully gushing is something I can never ever do enough of.

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