03 August 2014

so flipping excited about jumping in

mixing it up. i have been my entire life.

knowing simple can be stunning.

appreciating every little thing i can.
So flipping excited this week on the 5th Tuesday.  I will be getting an assignment from the 2014 Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. I am thrilled to be jumping in with 10,000 plus other artists around the world. I know that I am meant to be seen in this world as Kelli May-Krenz. Blasting out with a full heart of knowing that this life is meant to be walked with pride and living full out.

Yes, I want to be in the top 50 you bet. I want each and every assignment. I want to show myself that I have arrived to the table of "noticing". Yes, I want to be noticed for my art, my giddy positive joy that fills me up each day when I am lucky enough to wake up and create.

So on this fine Sunday eve I am super happy to be looking at this fine week and celebrating on the 5th = the day I get my first assignment.

Let's go. Let's play. Let's create. Let's know that sharing creative energy is pure raw goodness!!!



  1. Oh! my friend, I am giddy with excitement. And nervous. And ready. And all of the above (I signed up, too! Teee heeee!!) Wishing you paint covered fingers and ink smudge hands this week, my dear! May we both be in the top 50! Dreams can come true! :)

  2. Good luck, friend!! Yay, YOU!!