30 July 2014

holding this place in my heart that is knowing

my mothers garden flowers are incredible

zinnias that are super huge and beautiful

the flowers are beautiful and everywhere

dads tomatoes are wonderful. simply perfect.

picture my mom took of me on our bike ride in Camanche by the Mississippi river
Happy Summer. It is rolling strong. I just came back to our home in sunny Florida after two weeks in my hometown of Camanche - right on the Mississippi river.

Funny I love the ocean and all of her magic. I found after traveling home to the midwest I miss it lots.

There is something about feeling grounded, rooted and having a real sense of community. I miss that.

Interesting how life takes us full circle. I have lived in many states since leaving home and going to collage. I have enjoyed my adventures and the person I have become. I have a deep knowing of the life I need to have now. That is a gift.

Now to grab all of my knowing and make my soul feel rooted. This is another big leap and I will continue to share my walk bravely and with a positive light all around.

Enjoy each moment. They change so quickly.

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