18 August 2014

Grateful as can be = lucky me lucky me

Somerset Studio Article = my passion for presentation

yes, my heart flipped with joy.

counting my blessings daily = knowing my passion

loving this article so grateful
Today was a most lovely day when I opened my mailbox. I always love getting the mail. I am not even so concerned with what's in the mailbox I just love the thought of what might be waiting. I love seeing hand writing, notes, papers. It is always a surprise even when it is a bill. I always love walking to the mailbox. Imagine my glee when I opened it today and waiting for me was this treasure Somerset Studio Magazine with an article on me. Yippee.

I have been marching towards lots of dreams this past year. Blazing new trails and facing fears like a crazy person. Knowing my heart and what I love. I am so lucky to have always known I was born to create. I feel very grateful that a sweet talented women Jana found my blog and my artwork. I have always been going to submit art. I even have it on my vision board for this year. Super karma at work Stampington found me.

I ended up sending Jana my piece of art that she liked from my blog with a how to. This artwork will be features in Art Apprentice September 2014. Super duper lucky that I packaged the art in my most happy pants fashion (I simply adore packaging, wrapping and all of the details you can add to a treat)

So not only will I have my piece of art published soon but, they loved my packaging so here it is in Somerset Studio.

I am noticing the shift of love for what I create in myself. I am more gracious with my knowing my path is right in the perfect time and space.

Bonus, I love the color orange and it is happily all over this article. He he he!!!


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  1. Congratulations Kelli! No one is more deserving than you...I am a lucky recipient ( many times ) of your sweet special notice to detail packaging...and ART. You give one thousand percent to everything you do. Thank you...and now the world can share in your beauty with these publications !! Much love...MARCH ONWARD and upward !!! xo