27 August 2014

dreaming even bigger = starts now

dreaming bigger making it happen = moving another mountain

always knowing what really matters in life.
 today was a good day. i learned a great deal about staying true to my soul and my art. i had all sorts of people i do not really even know share the kindest words to me about my art. i know that i am meant to move great things with my art. i am doing it and it is only going to shine brighter.

i am in the middle of making a huge dream come true. my hubby is a huge part in making this happen with me. my little jrt pearl button is always by my side telling me i can do more hard things with great love.

so tonight i rest knowing that my world is unfolding in its perfect time and space. sure some things are rattled around from time to time, that is life. being alive allows us to dance around and grow our thinking = oh i am grateful for these gifts.

love sweet love.

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