18 December 2011

our holiday gathering

Santa glowing to greet our friends

some yummies on the table. more came with friends. thanks everyone.

treats for our guest. we also treated everyone to a homemade box of toffee.

entry way table saying hi glad you are here.

our little marble bar. ready for guests.

happy friends at the end of the evening. one couple is missing, we should have taken the picture before the end of the night.
A little gathering of lovely souls, lifetime friends and a warm decorated home = super fun!

Our last minute call to some friends who are true blue and love to enjoy shared moments. Ask each to bring a tasty treat and magic wand twirl you have a party. We had such fun catching up and hearing funny stories while snacking on delicious homemade chicken wings, dips, cheese plates, truffle cakes, more dips, more cookies, homemade toffee (thanks to my 83 year old mom in law) really the list is incredible the delights we ate. YUM.

The sign of a good party for me is when you look up at the clock and it is 1:30 in the morning and everyone says, "oh I guess we should be going."

I love a full house of fun friends, filled with laughter and glee. For me these are some of my most important times in life.

Grateful I am. So grateful.

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