06 December 2011

a little of France with a dash of holiday

vintage bottle, label from Paris, ornaments

details are so much fun

just a beauty of a French label
Now that I am home from my whirlwind travels to France, Monaco, Italy. I find that it is so much fun to take a few of my little vintage finds and figure out ways to display them.

I found this vintage perfume label shopping in the worlds largest flea market in Paris. I bought 3 of these (always thinking "what happens if one gets ruined?") I felt the need to make a pretty something for our holiday this year. The gold embossing on this is crazy good.

I am trying my best to hand make all of my presents this year. I really enjoy giving things I create versus running out and buying something. Time is all I need more of.

I will be showing more of my goodies I am creating in the next couple of weeks.

I think I will even create a how to for some projects. Sounds fun and I love the idea of folks getting inspired and creating. How happy that thought is for me.

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