13 December 2011

a calm place in my crazy day = peaceful images

this is so true. the more you think about the more layers you find.

dream of mine. studio airstream. adore

easy. just wake up and make a difference.
Today is crazy in my studio and home.

Last night our freshly decorated 8 foot tree with ornaments galore (vintage loads) fell over. Yep, straight over. Freddie (the tree) is now standing again.

Deadlines are swirling around me like crazy.

Phone ringing non stop.


I decided to look for a moment of calm and peace. I headed to Pinterest. Normally, I would go for a walk or head to a yoga class. This approach was immediate and it worked.

These images and words above are just lovely. Simple calm and pretty and easy. Yes, easy is good.

Enjoy. Most grateful to pinterest for the photos above. http://pinterest.com/

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