25 December 2011

a wonderful christmas and a few new treasures to share

mr. fraser fir did a dandy job of standing up with all of his ornaments. thanks freddie.

some pretty flowers from mom and dad. i adore fresh flowers.

a make shift little bar for the holidays.

natashia. my first christmas with out her. i know she is watching from her cloud in heaven.

some ornaments i bought and some i made for my mother.

new milagro. i adore milagros. she will be watching over our living room.

a quick mantle re do. the greens dried up. oops.

just a pretty shot.

a new virgin mary from my mom and dad. love her and her rosary.

new vintage crown from mom and dad. wow.
Today was a fun day of giving and receiving all sorts of blessings. Health ~ mom and dad and hubby and I all good! Thankful.

We also exchanged presents. I felt so giddy to have received some artwork I longed after, a beautiful vintage dress from hubby that I admired, some milagros, virgin mary, more blessings to add to our home. Now for all of the good spirits to send up and watch over us.

Tomorrow starts a new journey for me. I will stay on track yep. I will even try to talk about my journey in this little blog. For tonight I am most happy, full of turkey, and thankful to feel so loved.
Merci to the moon and stars above.

Gratefully I go to rest.

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  1. Hey Kelli,
    Love the blog. You have such a good eye.
    What a beautiful statue of Mary, Love her too.
    Keep up the site.