13 December 2011

Oh Mr.Christmas tree. Please do not fall over AGAIN. Thanks.

this really is such a beautiful tree. please stay standing.

loaded with handmade childhood ornaments and vintage goodies

I simply adore this ornament on the left. Golden Fairy Girl with wand.
Today the tree is still standing tall all 8 feet of it. Yes, there are some of my favorite vintage ornaments broken and they will be missed by me after Mr. Tree fell over last evening.

Today I will look at our tree with the magic and wonder of a child. The feeling always captures me in amazement each year. There is something so simple and wonderful to see the ornaments glowing in soft white light. For me it is a nice escape to just sit and dream.

I hope all of you have a little tree to enjoy. String some lights hang a favorite sparkly something and just sit and enjoy!!! So much to be said for simple joys. They end up being all that really matters.

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