06 December 2011

the layers of texture

one of my collage boxes and bottles. more layers of goodness.

tiny bottles i designed. these are all sold. i am creating more.

torn fabrics and ribbons come  together
Staying in the studio for a bit on my blog. No real how - to today just a thought or two about creating.
I know that in most of my work, including my design work, I love layers. The trick is to know when to stop. I think the knowing is personal, so pretty much just layer and see what happens.

Most of my projects start with the layering of papers. I then add fabrics, beads, vintage findings and yippee I have a finished something.

Tomorrow I am starting a new idea on my blog. Projects for the holidays. Yep. Get ready we are creating holiday happiness.

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  1. Kelli, you are so creative and have such a lovely sensibility! I love getting your posts on Facebook so I can hear what you're thinking and see what you're creating. Wonderful!