17 December 2011

a few of my favorite things

this vintage oil painting from a dear friend hangs in my bathroom

another vintage painting in my bathroom I adore the wacky pretty

vintage mesh metal bag from a girlfriend and bracelet from mom

me on my wedding day getting ready. jewelry so pretty. cool broken lamp that holds jewelry.
I was thinking today how lucky I am to be surrounded by such pretty things that mean so much to me. In their broken wacky fragile odd ways they remain precious to me. I can remember who gave them to me, how I felt and how happy I am to see them each day. Certain things just let me escape to another time and place.

One reason I am being reflective is it is the gift giving season. For me I would much rather create a piece of art for that someone special or hunt for the silly vintage goodie. I have a hard time going to stores and just buying new stuff. The history and love that comes with handmade or vintage speaks much more to me.

I think tomorrow I will start making more gifts and take pictures for my blog. You can share in my happy thinking and maybe you can create some goodies too.

Happy Almost Christmas!!!

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