19 December 2011

one special card hand delivered today = sweet

client asked for a pretty lovely card. lucky me.

upclose detail look

card is made on a vintage book cover. envelope on back holds message.

vintage pieces from France. adore.
Today I had the pleasure of custom making cards for a special client to give. Dreamy day in the studio. Rare. I love being paid to create lovelies by hand. Oh, I do feel special being able to design as a graphic designer with my trusty apple (who I am so so fond of)

I have often had the dream that I could just create handmade items by request or not and make a living. I know it sounds easy but, really it is not. You must balance how to survive in the ever expensive world with passion for art.

Gratefully, I wake each day with the love to create and I get to. So somedays seem more magical then others. I am most happy for each of them.

Hope you enjoy seeing my little items. Joy!!!

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