04 December 2011

the art of wrapping

one shelf of ribbon in my studio ~ inspiration packed

a present for my friend Helen

vintage wrapping paper combined with book pages
I absolutely adore wrapping presents. Really any time of the year, any occasion, at will I start wrapping. I just have so much fun. I have found that most often my most creative and fun filled packages start by using items just laying around. I never start with a plan. I have had many folks ask me how I start my ideas for wrapping. So here is my list or at least how my mind starts the process.

First = I think of the person the gift is going to. I look around me and try to find images that remind me of that person. Papers, colors, words, some of their favorite things. I make a little pile of these items.

Second = Start with the first layer of paper (use your least favorite one) as you will be covering this up with lots of goodies.

Third = Just start layering the papers, torn edges look best. Tie short pieces of ribbon together to make one long piece. Use twine, strips of paper, yarn, really use the unexpected (these turn out best)

Simple. Sure. Just start with your pile of goodness.

I love hot glue, masking tape, and colored tapes the best.

Hope this helps you get into the holiday wrapping spirit. The wrapping can be as much fun as the present. Really, just start. Enjoy!!!

Please let me know if you would like more details. Happy to give more. Smiles.

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