11 December 2011

the most stylish delicious brunch + cookie exchange = joy

naturally a hand made wreath greets you at the door. yep.

few friends of mine have these talents to cook like this. wow. delicious to the moon.

sunny pretty happy table with loads of love (oh cookies)

these were especially tricked out. hostess again showing glee.

a dash of sparkle and tweet to watch over the cookies. adore.

ornaments like this should always be on display. nicely created.

fancy girl packaging with boxes and recipes. clever friends.
So this morning I had the pleasure of waking up, walking two houses down to a friends house for the most lovely holiday gathering that included brunch and a cookie exchange. Every tiny detail was so thoughtfully planned the foods, cookies, ladies invited, decorations to inspire us all, good music to hum. Oh, and champagne. Yes, this girl knows how to entertain.

I left with a feeling of happiness and Christmas and wanting to share even more.

So many moons of thank you's my friend Carole. Not are you blessed with more talents then many ~ you are most gracious to have treated me to a lovely well designed & delicious cheer party!


www.grindesignstudio.com  you can find more talents of Carole's here. enjoy!

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