21 December 2011

special order holiday card = glee

client asked for 1920's beach folks. okay. done.

vintage this, vintage that, bathing beauties, all the joys the world can offer

details. you know how much these make me tick. yep.

back. envelope sewn from wall paper.

again with the details. yippee. more swimming fun.
For me there is nothing like a special order project. I just have a ball. Yep. Again, my technique of finding a little pile of goodies and then just start layering and painting ~ alittle glue a dash of glitter and some sewing (always sewing) step away come back. Looks worthy of gift giving.

I really do have so much passion for custom work. Best part knowing some one who received this little piece of happy ~ feels the love I put into my work.

Tomorrow starts another day of creating. How very lucky I am.

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