10 November 2011

prayers answered - grateful heart

view from terrace adore

views from hotel windows

pool at hotel

notre dame outside of hotel entrance
Today I go to rest feeling very grateful and giddy. I have been gifted a trip next week to Nice, France. Yep. I AM GOING TO FRANCE. Any of you who know me ~ know that I have always dreamed of going. Life has been a tough uphill climb for me (which I appreciate at times) this is one climb I am so incredibly grateful for.

So next week I will fly with my sister in law (world traveler) and my hubby (love of my life) to Nice. I honestly do not care what I do. To walk, listen, take pictures and just appreciate the fact that this place I dream of daily really does exist. This gives me all sorts of hope, inspiration and plain ole joy.

Grateful beyond.

These lovely photos are courtesy of the Hotel Mercer Center Notre Dame. I of course will have one million photos of wacky yummy Frenchy love.


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