06 November 2011

my crazy flipped out love for paper

paper wreath. yep. folding and folding and layering and wrapping and loving paper.

milagros are my all time favorite things i have collected them for over 25 years

little words make a difference in life. always be kind.

layers of paper, vintage linens, metal tinsel, glass garland, coffee stained lace, praying milagro

just a glimpse of what's to come. my nod to Betty Davis.
dashing out the door to go and paper a window for the big event to happen next saturday the 12th at Guild. oh yeah, paper this paper that. everything vintage and repurposed in this window. loving making something from very little. feels good.

often i wonder "maybe i will go live in that airstream we look at daily online, and travel around doing window displays" hey a girl can have a wacky dream now and again.

happy sunday to you. again, i adore comments and love to know what you are thinking when you read my little blog. so feel free to comment. really it is so simple. many moons of thanks to those of you who do comment and follow.

event dish found here http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

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