10 November 2011

grateful for my girlfriends

my talented designer stylist martina
yep. we played up the color in my hair even more. sweet.
today I had the unexpected pleasure of getting a mini make over. thank you martina and melia.

I thought maybe a simple splash of red in the front but, instead my friends (knowing I am going to France) said you need to look more like your funky artist self. Hard to see in these pictures but we are talking bright red and yummy bleach. Yes. I do love it.

Next a rather odd moment in my life. Make up. Yes, Melia patiently applied make up to my very un made up face. What a wonder make up is. Wow. Now being an artist you would think I could learn this trick. We will see.

I know I had so much fun and felt so loved and lucky.

Thanks for the pampering today. Martina is one of the owners at Hairazors Salon. They do great hair and really nice pretty make up too.

link to the salon http://www.hairazorsinc.com/

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