03 November 2011

day two of three projects per day

details of my blue, cream, icey wreath

icy snowflake wreath wrapped in vintage textures

more is just ~ well nice sometimes

amber holiday sacred wreath

lots of textiles torn with cool frayed edges
today marks my must complete at least three projects per day until the 11th for my show at Guild. I have lots of ideas and not short on inspiration (all good) I could however, use the clock to slow a bit.
Yep. That would be most helpful.

I am going to crank on a few more wreaths then I must mix it up a bit. A girl gets bored doing the same thing (even if each one is totally different from the other) After all they are all ROUND.

So these are just a couple hints of my holiday collection which will be on November 12th at Guild.
I intend to have three collections. one being tradition vintage retro happy red and green, two being creamy frenchy soft snowy velvet, three being religious with a twist of texture.

Again, comments are most welcome. I love to hear from you.

link to guild where the show will be http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

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