07 November 2011

a shrine of sorts

vintage lampshade used to create a shrine of sorts

another shot ~ really this looks best when you meet in person

details just strung one after the other

vintage beads, sewn papers, antique laces, torn fabrics, bakers threads

spirited and peaceful and so happy just plain silly happy
project name. religious mexican folk art virgin mary inspired lamp shade shrine (of sorts) this was a ball to create and I really love it. now to get emotion out of it and sell it on saturday. yep. this saturday at guild this will be hanging and pouring out great energy.

moving to my next project. it is only eleven. one more to go before i rest.  oh, and that ad for 318 cafe'.

again. i really enjoy hearing from you so please comment and let me know your thoughts. merci.

link to the show on saturday http://www.facebook.com/GuildCollective

link to the 318 cafe (wonderful music and foods and drinks) if you have not been GO! http://www.three-eighteen.com

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