08 January 2012

nests for my dogs = sweet home

handmade dog bed by hubby and me for small pearl button

hand made stool by hubby and me pearl likes this one. high enough to see out the window.

sweet 12.5 clover resting and recovering in her big nest.
This past week (well everyday who am I kidding) has been focused on our dogs. Pearl Button the little JRT and Clover the sweet lab.

I am so lucky to have these gentle souls in my life to wake up to each day. They smile, play, simply roam around and make life better. Even when they are sick they show love like no other.

I have a goal to design some dog oriented products this year. I have all of the inspiration I need now just to focus and make the time for it. That seems to always be the tricky part.

For tonight I will go to rest and be back designing and loving my pups in the morning.

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