07 January 2012

the power of friendship

my friend (angel) coco on the right

we had our candles glowing

hearts all around for healing little clover dog

coco brought a very special gift she was given to share

clover and pearl were happy and relaxed having auntie coco visit

everyone was very comfy

all the good energy worked magic. clover stood for a few minutes today.
I am most grateful for my friends who get me and how much I love my dogs. They are my children and I treasure them beyond words.

Last evening my friend Coco came to visit Clover. She brought a gift that was given to her ~ a beautiful bottle of wine. First thing when Coco arrived Clover sat up in her nesty for the first time in 4 days and barked. Well, I cried. What a great blessing.

We opened the beautiful bottle of wine. Sipped our wine, praised Clover (and her little sis Pearl) played music, laughed and shared stories all while Clover rested in the midst of us.

I know the energy and life laughter around Clover helped heal her some last night. There is such amazing power in friendship and laughter and honest loving.

This morning Clover is standing (okay, only for a few minutes) and eating and I believe making each day count while she recovers.

Good friendships I adore.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that Miss Clover is doing better.