11 January 2012

finding strength and creative power

adore paper and words = powerful pretties

this statement rings so true with me

i like not seeing what all the words say. more mystery. more fun.

a little start to some puffy paper hearts. i love the directions creative can go.

just a snip of this and that and magic hearts are born.
So it all starts with a tiny plan. To create. I am learning (rather teaching myself) to create without the judgement of something being good or not good. Everything I create seems to take me to the next place. For this I am most grateful.

I love the power of a word. I love knowing that several meanings come from how an object is presented. For me I search for a little peace a little pretty and always wanting to achieve old. History.

Next step take these strengths to canvas. Yep. Here I go.

Please let me know how you might get past the judgement of your creative. I would love to learn some new ideas. Merci'

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