24 January 2012

padding around the house and studio today

adore this crown my parents gave me for christmas. these tones feel comfy.

I collect crystals and some shells. Reminds me that I can have the dream to live on the beach.

I tend to create shrines all over the house. Not sure why?

Studio tiny shrine.
Feeling a bit stuck. Like too many things to do whatever will I do first? Always the studio paying work. Done for a minute (well waiting on feedback) same thing. Smile.

I am just realizing that what helps me unstick is to clean and change up my space around me. Nothing major I will not paint walls today. Just a moving of energy (hey, it is Jan in Minnesota) must get the flow feeling different.

I am off to move energy and maybe, if happy I will add some new handmade treats. Then more pictures. We will see. Reporting later with photos and feelings. Where is that loft in my head?

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