29 January 2012

Sunday's List wow!!!

me in front of our 730 thursday shrine

shrine I made collage box found objects sacred stuff
Sunday is a day to pad around get things done or not. Well for me this Sunday I have a list two miles long of things I would like to get finished.

I am going to write my list just so I can look tomorrow and see what did actually happen. Ha!

• Take pictures of my Valentine goodies and Post on my Etsy site
• Organize my studio a little bit (messy always)
• Make some pillows with the fabric that is giggling at me when I walk past (sew me)
• Start making window seat cushion for Miss Pearl to sit on and watch the world spin by
• Create for my online class Hello Soul. Hello Business
• Create more artwork just for me

The list could keep going but, I am stopping as I realize it is too long already.

Oh, and one of my collage pieces that is finished. Nice to have proof that I do get things done. He!!

Thanks for visiting on Sunday. I hope your day is filled with no lists.

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