06 January 2012

Pearl the little dog who sneaks in my studio = adore her

while working away i dropped something went to pick it up and there Pearl was.

any pile of fabric will do nicely.

normally her chair (but crowded) she tried to make it work.

not being comfy she hopped down and left this.
Pearl is a small little JRT who is 1.5 years old and weighs in at a whopping 11 pounds. She is full of love and energy and smiles. She always looks up to her much older sister Clover who is 12.5 and very sick right now. Pearl is a very good little nurse but, today was a bit bored and decided to try a few nesty spots in my messy studio.

She had fun and made me laugh. I needed that laugh. Thanks Pearl.

Tomorrow I am starting my new projects and will be posting about them. Off to dream of a healthy Clover and creating in my studio.

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