16 January 2012

A cause I am getting behind. Love the animals.

artist Katherine Dunn = one of her covers = magic!

Katherine Dunn saves all of these animals. LOVE.

More artwork by the talented Katherine Dunn.
I do not get to really help animals like I would like to (yet). This artist Katherine Dunn is one of the incredible people/ artists doing just that. Saving the animals. She is raising funds to produce a book.
Visit link for more information and a video that will have you smiling and crying at the same time.

I have never met Katherine Dunn. I hope to. I just admire her and her love for animals big and small.

"Misfits of Love" is a book idea I have been working on in one way or another since I first moved to our Apifera Farm back in 2004. Here is a slideshow of how the book will look and 'feel".
My farm is a final home to many of the misfits - the old ones and the crippled ones, creatures that were neglected, abused or left as useless. Their hearts live here with me and their stories are worthy of print.
Funds will be used [see specifics below] to get this quiet little book ready for publication.
Ever since I can remember, I have had empathy for the elderly creatures, or the 'discarded", and that includes humans. Upon moving to the farm, my barnyard seemed to be a natural settling ground for wandering abandoned roosters, old donkeys, misplaced ducks and a variety of old and challenged goats. Oh, and a pig that came with a goat. And old mice in love. Many of the creatures were adopted from bad situations, rescued by another and then sent to Apifera- but some dropped out of the sky, so to speak.
We live in such a throw away society where old is not valued by the masses - but I see the beauty and soul in 'old' every day here....be it in the eyes of an old, misused donkey or the curve in the crippled legs of a handicapped goat.
When my father was dying in hospice, many states away, I was unable to go to him. Taking care of my old creatures took on an even more symbolic meaning for me. As I rubbed oil on the pig's very dry skin each day, I was reminded of my father's 85 year old legs and how dry and sore they were for him. I couldn't help him, but I could soothe this pig with my hands and she in turn soothed me with her charm and pig beauty.
This fundraising stage is to get the book 'print-ready', and having done that before, I can tell you it takes time, energy and money. I plan to work with the same editorial consultant who was a former editor at Chronicle Books to get the manuscript in tip-top shape. With 144 pages and $125 hour consulting fee, it is a major expense - but very important.  Funds will also help me get the layouts of the book prepped. Each chapter focuses on a different animal with a narrative, emotive sepia photographs and one full color art spread of a painting. Promo copies will be made at about $50 each that will be used to generate interest from publishers or help determine if self publishing is needed. My goal is to have the manuscript ready for first edits by January and first layouts will begin at the same time. I will be doing the layouts, but will need some expertise on proofs/layout print prep from consultants.


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