19 January 2012

horses + fashion = happy me

what a beautiful photo. the colors simply pulled from it are smashing.

being a big fan of skirts and tights this is adorbale

simple little ponies running around your neck. why not?
I have always loved horses. They are huge beautiful strong creatures that just make me stand still in awe. I was lucky enough several years ago to go to Arizona and ride and learn to care for horses for one week. Riding in the desert on my horse named Waylon was such an unbelievable life changing dream for me. I carry this in my happy heart every day.

Today I felt like starting to bring the passions I adore more into my fashion. Hey why not? It will make shopping much more challenging and fun. So horses, dogs, maybe a bird or two will be in my happy wardrobe (hoping) in this journey of 2012.

All photos found here http://pinterest.com/

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