25 January 2012

nesting in my studio.

I like taking stuff laying around my studio and creating something.

A puffy Valentine pillow wreath for the front door. Hello Mr. Cardinal.

details + random stuff = fun for me.
Funny how something so silly can just start bugging me. Like vintage plastic light up santa in the front of our house. Santa is asleep until next year. Wreath of sparkly gold and silver down. Excitement for me - the need for a front door pretty. I am most happy when I can dig around my studio and find piles of random stuff and create a pretty.

Today this is my pretty a puffy heart pillow wreath. One thing I know for sure is that my mind loves the break from designing (client direction) learning, doing things that need done around the house and studio. Favorite part for me is just having no idea what I am going to do just do something that no one has to like except me.

If you would like a step by step of what my pile started with, ask me. I am most happy to give a tip or ten. Smiles.

http://www.etsy.com/shop/kellimay my little etsy shop will have more wreaths made my me soon. very soon.

1 comment:

  1. Love it and how fun that it came together out of found bits and pieces....I'm smiling!