02 January 2012

so true. happy new year.

this happens to be a very true statement for me
Since this is a new year. New things should start to spin around. I have lots of ideas and plans I want to come true. I think the statement above it going to start my Jan. off with a good kick.

No wrongs in creating just create.

There is a freedom in creating and designing as if no one is looking (ever) Being a graphic designer I find that I am always waiting for approval. This Jan I start with looking inside me and bringing more of myself to life.

Sounds easy but, I personally know this is hard.

Okay. Here I go letting go of the fear of being wrong. I will let you know how my progress is coming along.

Artwork courtesy of http://pinterest.com/

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  1. You can do it! Everything you touch turns into something lovely and unique...really, I mean it!