24 January 2012

trust. simple. powerful. trust.

design by me. photo by me. arrangement see link below.
Trust yourself. Sounds simple. It is not for me. As an artist I am learning that trusting in me is so so important. What a lovely gift to give yourself, right?

The kind of self that you will be happy to live with all of your life ~ for me this is always inventing, creating then re creating, moving from each part of the dream to make it all become one lovely journey.

Here is to the journey we are all on. May yours be joyful and full of stories. Share if you like. I love hearing from you. Most grateful for my followers.

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  1. Kelly,
    I love to come to your blog an peek into your world.
    It is a inspiring, gentle, and loving place to come and visit.
    Thanks for my daily dose of creativity.

    1. Thanks Doreen,
      I am striving to have a very cool blog. Your praise helps me keep going. I am taking an online class called Hello Soul. Hello Business. I love the journey and know it is going to pop me out into goodness.

      Your adventure journey is simply magic my friend. Enjoy. Be safe.

      Love to you. I am most grateful for your writing to me.