03 January 2012

clover my sweet lab is sick

the three of us in bed resting

dad's hand on clover with pearl too
Today was one of those days that taught me the power of patience and love. Clover our 12.5 lab is sick with vertigo, an extreme case given her age. She has been sedated all day, not up once to eat, drink or even stand. So sad.

I have never had children so to me my pups are my kids. To see her needing so much and trying to give her every comfort knowing it might not be enough is tough.

For tonight she is resting sweetly with her little sister Pearl on top watching over. My hubby and I are always by her side. I pray that she wakes feeling a bit stronger and better then today. Maybe, even an appetite. You certainly know your lab is down when food is not the focus of their day. smile.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. I know Clover is most grateful too.

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