27 January 2012

being good enough.

vintage linen, design by me, quote out of my head.
So I started my first online class called Hello Soul. Hello Business. I knew that it would be good. I knew that it spoke to me and I had to sign up and let go of fears and do this. I am in my second week of (a total of ten weeks) and feel all of the crazy mixed up free and scary (at times) feelings that one person can have at the same time.

With that said I know that this is life changing for me. I can feel my energy, my focus, my balance changing. How welcome this is in my life. How grateful I am that I jumped in.

I work out of my studio as a designer lots of hours so finding time to pour into a class seemed crazy.

I now know I would have been crazy to not have jumped. This is exactly where I need to be and what I need to be learning. I wake up excited to see what my next lesson will be. How transforming this will make my life. Alive, giddy and really just plain happy to be able to feel all of these things.

Change. What a lovely word with all its meanings. I am most happy and thankful.

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