10 January 2012

oh to get lost in a photo

I love knowing someone is lucky enough to live inside these windows.

A path you could walk again and again and never tire of.

Even the books look better. Really.

Me on the left taking more pictures of rooms I want to live in.
I have been getting lost in my photos from Europe since I came home. Okay, so it was only a month ago. I am so hooked on how visually historic and rich every turn is. I just feel like I was meant to live in this kind of space.

You know how you go to a place and you instantly feel like you belong. Yep. That is how I felt.
I thought I might feel this way and I did. I love knowing that I can get lost in a simple moment of the photos I now have.

I am still working on how this trip will change my year. I know there are many ways it can. Now just to put dreams into actions.

Thanks for sharing my love of aged history simple lovely moments in life.

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