30 January 2012

red touches. yes please.

beautiful red.

why not add a few items of red to one room. just for this month. yes.

wear a bit of color in your daily dose of black.

collect shiny red hearts and nest them all together.

random red goodies to make you smile.
Mondays are fun days to grab a little lift of spirits. So why not today grab yourself a bit of RED. Just a hint (we are going into Feb. the heart month) so a splash of red something cheery and bright might just be what you need for that extra smile.

I like to switch stuff up and add unexpected colors in rooms and on me. Makes the entire day a little more interesting. Maybe, for one month just collect a few items of like color and see how your world starts opening up. You will start seeing things differently. Promise. Oh, and the hunt will be a ball.

For me it is red. Have fun! Who knows what Tuesday can bring.

http://www.facebook.com/kelli.maykrenz mercury glass hearts photo by me

http://pinterest.com/ all other photos courtesy of pinterest

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