05 January 2012

clover + pearl = sisters who love each other a lot!

clover with pearl watching over her
We are a few days into watching Clover with her vertigo. I am learning many things. Such as even a small full of energy JRT aka Pearl can be calm and loving and watch over her big sis. The nature of animals is so incredible to watch. They know, they get it, they are not taught these behaviors, they just know. I love this.

I often say that if people could be more like our dogs we would be in a silly happy place.
Just think if people did the following (like dogs) unconditionally loved us, no jealousy, never say a bad word or action, always happy to wake up (tails wagging) always grateful for whatever treats (gifts) we share with them. The list could seriously go on and on and on.

I just love my girls so much. I am hopeful that Clover's strong will and the love from her sister and us will help her overcome this terrible sickness. I really would love to see her tail wag.

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