06 April 2012

my darling Clover turns 13 today.

such a cute head tilt. food was involved of course.

one of her favorites looking out the window. barking and protecting. smile.
Today is my black lab Clovers 13th birthday. Yep. I can hardly believe she is 13 today. I can remember bringing her home (so tiny and naughty and perfect) She was as big as my dad's shoe. Funny how memories stay saved. I love this one.

Clover is one of my very best friends. She totally understands me, supports me always in the studio, inspires me to be a better person. I just love knowing she is happy and having a good life. I am thankful that I am her mom. She also has a terrific dad. Friends too. She will be having a small family party this evening ~ just mom and dad, and pearl (her tiny jrt sister) We will have chicken (she loves a bit of chicken) and new bones.

I keep singing happy birthday to her, started at midnight has eve. She likes it I know.

Thanks for being you Clover. I am so lucky to be your mom. Happy 13# Birthday!!!

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