14 April 2012

soldering 101. yep. i am hooked.

my first attempt to learn soldering. Oooh I am in love.
back of the first one. flying carpet happy.
yes. i would like to live here. very curios indeed.

back of my curious piece.

tiny moon what a lovely surprise.

back image of tiny moon.

I took my first soldering class. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn this and now I have. Gosh why did I wait so long. I am hooked, completely addicted to this new talent I was taught. Now to get all of my little creative ducks in a row and crank out ART. I am serious how cool this is. Pearl Button's line of cards is expanding to handmade jewelry. Yep.

I am learning FINALLY to go do all of the things you dream of, find a way to just go do it. Fill up each day with something that really makes you smile. I am sure trying and so far flipping to the moon with glee.

So happy with this new tiny adventure. Thanks for coming along.

More creative by me found here http://www.facebook.com/730Thursday

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