08 April 2012

happy easter.

i have been nesting for spring around our house.

nesting. creating. seashells to remind me of my dreams.

ooh how i love these flowers.

easter cupcakes. yum.
Happy Easter. Today is one of those fun days when you get a moment to just be. You can think about all sorts of memories. One memory I love is thinking about my easter dress that my parents would buy for me each year, with perfect little socks and shoes. It was always cold in Iowa so I would have to wear a coat over my darling dress. I think of how we get away from things that were precious to us. Like why do I not go and buy myself a darling little easter outfit? That is a new tradition I should start.

I made cupcakes tonight, partly to take them to dinner tomorrow and partly to do something sweet that reminds me of my parents. Who are well in Iowa, and I miss. My mother always tucked peeps into my easter baskets (I never liked them) to this day I do not care for them. Peeps do make me smile and always think of my mom. So mom here's to you ~ peep heads. None will be eaten by your one and only daughter. I love you.

Have a joyful skippy make it count day today!!!

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